Brand Management Intern

Intern / Student, Part-time · Spain, Hybrid, Barcelona

How you will contribute
  • Analyse market trends at category and marketplace level, identify competitors and extract relevant insights to implement in our brand.

  • Analyse brand performance on a weekly basis in terms of sales and profits, in order to extract actionable insights to operate the brand.

  • Optimize advertising campaigns, by prioritizing top conversion keywords and adjusting its bets to maximize impact

  • Maintain and update catalogue listings, enriching titles and descriptions with key keywords representative of the product.

As a member of this team you will
As part of the Operations team, you are the analytic and execution hands of YABA products and brands. You will be working hand-in-hand with YABA’s brand managers, designers and advertising specialists to position YABA’s brands in the top of Amazon rankings and increase their conversion rates. Ultimately, your objective is to delight customers with our products so that our brands keep having a positive impact into customers' lives.
Who will thrive in this role
  • Analytical mindset in terms of capacity to create, analyse and extract insights from big datasets

  • Curious, willing to learn and understand beyond the first surface information on systems and opportunities.

  • Owner of a brand, mastering the brand end-to-end and attaching its success to your own.

  • Move fast, identify priorities, define which one require immediate action, which ones require escalation to be unblocked 

  • Trusted partner for your team and stakeholders, build relationships based on trust that help achieve more through your partners

  • Attention to detail and high standards, as key to work on a fast paced environment with exponential professional growth

  • Simplification and automation mindset, when a task is too repetitive you think twice on how to automate it.

YABA’s team commitment

We are a young and dynamic start-up with the mission to nurture and grow amazing brands and talents in a new-generation house of products.  We acquire online businesses and leverage the most advanced online marketing and operations techniques to make them scale quickly. 

At Yaba we are developing our own technology to be ahead of the market and know beforehand what’s next. Data is king. Because at Yaba, we don’t just operate. We create the future of consumer goods, starting with commitment and trust in each other. 

We see our internship program as the beginning of your  journey with us. We want our internship programs to be valuable and memorable for your professional and personal experience. 

What will the interview process look like

We try to keep it simple. Often recruiting processes are intransparent, long, and complicated operations. At YABA, we want to attract the best talents by creating a simple and transparent recruiting process that is aligned with our company culture.

We will try to have a maximum of 3 interactions with us and a Business Case to get to know you better and give you a perspective of what we do.
Benefits of working at YABA:
  • Culture: YABA lives for people

  • 1 day of vacation per month

  • High possibility of contract with us after internship

  • Fast learning curve with relevant level of responsibility and activities (no getting coffees!)

  • Work experience in a new upcoming market

About us

Do you feel this game is for you?

At YABA we know that each of us has a unique story that shapes the way we view the world, and solve problems. Learning from each other enhances our collective wisdom while achieving better outcomes at a faster pace. People from all kinds of backgrounds can succeed in all kinds of roles. Our work environment appreciates the contributions of every person. We operate in an international environment with an extremely diverse clientele, which is why we believe that working in a diverse environment is a gift that will make us succeed.  Working together is how we produce results that help us achieve our mission to nurture and grow amazing brands and talent.

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We are looking forward to hearing from you!
Thank you for your interest in YABA. Please fill out the following short form. If we don’t get back to you, don’t feel like you’ve been ghosted. We know this gets annoying, and we try our best to get back to as many people as possible. But be assured, if it is a match, you will get that DM you’ve been waiting for ;o)
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